Prevent Anger Outbursts & Go Outside. Before You Kill Someone…

May 24, 2017

prevent anger outbursts

In my house growing up we called it the “Robinson Rage”. It came from the Robinson side of my family, and is a specific gene that has transferred from generation to generation. At some point the rage hits so hard that we sort of lose control of ourselves. We think it is from the Irish ancestors. Irish are usually angry right? Sure. Let’s blame the Irish. Here is how you can prevent anger outbursts!

I have to learn to prevent anger outbursts in hopes that the gene will diminish here pretty soon. I took the first step in diminishing those genes by marrying someone who is happy and nice. Sometimes I look at him like:

prevent anger

However, the more time I spend working with other people, the more I realize that this isn’t a rare thing or just prone to my family like I once thought. A lot of people have this problem to some extent.

I figure I better reign it in and train myself to be happier. I have actually noticed a huge difference in my quality of life. Go figure.

Here is the most effective way I have found to prevent anger outbursts and be a happier person in general:


Now I am not talking ‘go outside’ as in ‘go to your kid’s soccer game’. That doesn’t count because you are still in close proximity to other people with high tensions, and you aren’t enjoying the outdoors. You are merely sitting in it as opposed to your couch. When I say ‘go outside’ I mean go take a walk through some nature, or enjoy something in the outdoors.

Here are 10 reasons going outside can prevent anger outbursts:

1. Time to reset

We all need some time to take a break from whatever is pressing in our lives. Too much pressure build up without a release can lead to some form of blow up that isn’t exactly warranted. There is something about the outdoors that resets your mind, body, and spirit.prevent anger outbursts

Most people, myself included, use the T.V. to reset and numb our minds a little bit. I challenge you to go outside instead of watching T.V. one time. You will feel the difference.

2. Fresh Air

I live in small quarters with too many people breathing the same air I am. Sometimes I get a claustrophobic feeling if I am inside too long. I need that wide open space to really fill up my lungs. If you live in a city with pollution galore I would suggest trying to get above the inversion. Then you don’t feel like you’re going to catch the cancer when you walk outside.

“The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.”~Wayne Fields

3. See a New Way of Life

When you go outside you see other people who like getting outside, then their lifestyle becomes an example to you. It is sort of inspiring. When I first became an outdoor mama I would see other moms with all this cool gear and kids who liked being outside and would think, “Yeah I want that.”

You see other women who have had life struggles, depression, anxiety, etc. and they get through it by getting their butts outside. To see what I mean check out the Adventure Mama Initiative.They rock.

4. Healthier Living

“Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.” -Legally Blonde

Very wise.

On top of this ridiculously applicable statement, getting out and walking around is good for you. Even if you aren’t hiking super hard and are simply walking it is still a healthier lifestyle than sitting on the couch. Eventually you get more involved in the outdoors and it becomes easier to stay healthy.

However, simply sitting on a rock looking at a beautiful view is healthier for your spirit than sitting on your couch.

prevent anger outbursts5. Soak in Earth’s Beauty

The earth is beautiful. Seriously. It is pretty hard to be angry after spending some time in beautiful places. You can find beauty in any place no matter where you live. See my post about finding beauty and inspiration to get outside regardless of where you live. 

6. Find New Hobbies

I didn’t find my favorite hobbies until I was 21. Skiing changed my life. In how to prevent anger outbursts I found I was more prepared for the week and happier throughout if I went skiing on the weekends. Same goes for any hobby outside. Here are some suggestions:

  • hiking
  • rock climbing
  • running
  • swimming
  • hot tubbing in natural hot springs
  • snow shoeing
  • kayaking
  • river rafting
  • cliff jumping
  • boating
  • 4 wheeling
  • cross country skiing
  • back country skiing
  • downhill skiing
  • sledding
  • biking
  • cycling
  • star gazing
  • mudding in a truck
  • camping
  • Hammock lounging
  • skinny dipping (it’s fun okay?!)

7. Learn New Things

prevent anger outbursts
This is at Temple Quarry where the pioneers got the granite to build the SLC Temple, and State Capital building. There is a lot of history here!

Whether it be you or your kids, there are some cool things to learn! You can go out on historical hikes which are all over the mountain ranges. The learning you gain from outside is endless. Aside from all the obvious learning opportunities there are things like cave paintings from long ago, fossils, historic trails and cabins, and so much more.

When I am learning I feel productive, hence less anger.


8. Find What to Love About Different Seasons

A lot of people in this part of the country either hate or love winter. If you hate winter then might I suggest finding reasons to love it as opposed to being depressed during those months?

I used to hate winter. When I was going to school in Idaho there is a wind chill that cuts right to your bones during the winter. It is actually painful. I suffered through college absolutely hating the winter. Then I found my husband and some new friends that were native to the area, and they taught me how much fun winter can be! This really goes back to finding hobbies you can enjoy in every season.

When you are loving what you are doing, you become slow to anger.

9. Meet New People

Thanks to Hike it Baby and other means of getting outside, I have met some really cool people! Networking is kind of fun and this is coming from a pretty anti social person. My tagline could be:

I literally say this every day at my job, but I have seriously enjoyed meeting the people I have met through getting outside.





10. Clarity of Mind (Level Headedness)

When we are so tuned in to the news and our gadgets we can get sucked in to whatever is going on. Fear fear and more fear is being pushed on us from every direction. It feels so good to get away from all of that crap. Scary news and problems going on like they are can really build and lead to outbursts. Getting outside can prevent anger outbursts by bringing you back to reality and away from the fear that looms over us like a rain cloud.

Going outside can give you a sense of level headedness that allows you to think rationally. I find myself knowing when I am being ridiculous, and I attribute that to finding balance in my life through the outdoors.




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By Rachel

I am a young mom who thrives on life in the outdoors. I have lived in Utah, Idaho, and Cozumel Mexico. In my travels I have learned many things that I would like to share with others.