Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Adventure Lovin’ Dad + GIVEAWAY VALUED AT $250!

May 31, 2017

With Father’s Day right around the corner I figured I would make it easy for you to find the perfect Father’s Day gift! All of these things on my list we have used and loved. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas for the adventure lovin’ man in your life. 


Jetboils are extremely useful for camping, backpacking, skiing, or really anything. Jetboils boil water extremely quick, and are super lightweight so you can take them on any adventure.

TIP: Don’t boil milk.

We use them to make oatmeal and hot chocolate while we camp, but there are thousands of things you can use this for. Boom. Just nailed that Father’s Day gift.

father's day gift

2. Backpacking Gear

I am an outdoor enthusiast, but so is my husband. He goes on a trip per year with the guys backpacking through the Tetons. He really appreciates that time with just the men, and loves any gear that would be helpful on those trips.

3. Ski/Hiking Gear

MEN LOVE GEAR. I LOVE GEAR. WE ALL LOVE GEAR.  The bonus is, it is summer. So anything to do with skiing will be on sale.

There are so many ideas in this specific topic:

4. Gear for Something He Wants to Start Doing

This is a very thoughtful way to purchase a gift. It says, “I support you in whatever you want to do, and I want to help you do it.” Half the battle of starting a new hobby is having the gear to do it. If he wants to get outside in the winter more, buy him a pair of Snowshoes, If he wants to start rock climbing maybe go with a rope Rock Climbing Rope or Climbing Harness.

Do some digging here, pay attention to what he says, and see if you can find out a goal of his that you can help support him with.

5. Shoes

The BEST shoes. My husband is extremely picky about the shoes he wears. Comfort is a big deal when it comes to shoes. Reefs shoes are freaking AMAZING.

6. Jersey of a Team he Loves

Simple idea, but always appreciated. Most men have a team they love. You can even customize it with his name! father's day gift ideas

7. Sleeping Bag or Hammock

This particular Sleeping Bag is made for 14 degree weather. For $43 that is a deal! With this company (Rovor) their gear is made by the same factories as some of the named brands, without the high cost. So it is basically the same product, but cheaper.

This is the case with most outdoor gear. Support your local businesses. Chances are you are getting the same quality without depriving your children from a college education (taking from the fund).

father's day giftThey also have Hammocks for only $20!

One of these is included in the GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post!

father's day gift ideas
This is our Rovor hammock that we LOVE. It is very comfortable and Chucho has a great time in it.

8. Shadow Box of a Loved Item

Depending on the loved item and its size, this could be a cheap, meaningful gift, or a very expensive, meaningful gift. Head on over to the nearest Hobby Lobby and buy a shadow box. You can hot glue any item or pictures or what have you. It is a great idea for a Father’s Day gift because it is thoughtful and a way to keep a treasured memory without it getting lost.

9. Ear Buds

Now that these are necessary for talking on the phone hands free, or listening to podcasts or music, the better quality they are the nicer gift it makes. Beats by Dre are the best buds you can buy. and these ones are only $30.

father's day gift

10. Athletic Wear

Clothes that are comfortable to camp/hike in are a great idea for a Father’s Day gift. Anything like gym shorts, biking wear, light weight clothing are super useful in the outdoor world. Here are some of my favorite picks (including the Nature & Shit shirt because I think it’s funny)

11. Ultimate Flash Light

For some reason men love flashlights. Maybe it makes them feel prepared? I don’t know, but I know we have approximately 3,005 in our home. More or less. There are some lights that are magnetic, handsfree, lights that stick to your clothes. It makes them perfect for hiking or skiing at night.

This is an example:father's day gift

The Striker light (below) is magnetic and shines in all directions. This is great for a man working on a car in the dark!

father's day gift

12. Knife (GIVEAWAY)

You wouldn’t believe the knife collection I have in my house. It is absurd. It doesn’t matter how many knives my husband has, he will always be excited to receive one. Since he has so many pocket knives I have started to look into fancier, pretty knives. Forseti Steel has hand crafted Damascus steel, and obsidian knives that are beautiful! father's day gift ideas

They retail at $125-$130, but I have one to give away for free!  See the giveaway below.

13. Watch

We love watches in this house so I have some recommendations. Apache Pine has some amazing adventure watches. I would suggest a watch with notches though so you can actually tell what time it is. The pictures on the face are beautiful, but if you can’t tell the time… then you at least have nice swag. See my review of Apache Pine watches here which will include a 50% off promo code site wide!

Father's day gift

There is a new brand of watch I am getting my husband for Father’s Day. It is Folsom & Co. These are pretty cheap watches (price wise) but they are beautiful! I will have a better idea of how they function after Father’s Day.

14. Gun/Ammo and Tek Mat (GIVEAWAY)

It’s a guy thing. You can never get them enough so it is always a good gift. Tek Mat is a gun cleaning mat that has all of the details of how to clean/take apart the gun. It keeps your kitchen counter nice and clean, and helps the gun owner really take care of the gun. It is kind of ingenious actually. You can get a mat for any type of gun they own. So just figure out what gun they own, and get a Tek Mat! They also have gun cleaning kits that would make a great gift as well.


15. A GoPro or Drone

Now a days, a camera that is made for adventure is becoming a necessity, unless you are a Ron Swanson and don’t want any of your adventures on record. For the ULTIMATE droning experience check out the DJI Mavic Pro. This is a very expensive drone that is AMAZING. We use one often for my hubby’s work, and it can go, I believe, 4 miles away. I would pull multiple family members in on this purchase, but man oh man would that be the gift of the year!

If you want to start off small though, go with Cheerwing Syma. This one is a top seller on amazon and is ONLY $50. I would recommend this one for a beginner with drones. Those expensive ones make a man pretty nervous to operate unless they are comfortable with them. He may want to build up to the EXTREMELY nice ones.

As far as GoPro’s go, my husband completely regretted not having one for so long. They are useful in our life of adventuring and we are kind of upset we didn’t get one sooner.  They have helped us make some awesome videos of our adventures that we can watch when we are old folks.
father's day gift

If he already has a GoPro, I would suggest some accessories to go with it.

16. Tactical Backpack (GIVEAWAY)

I LOVE our 3VGear Tactical Backpack. It is way better than my Dakine backpack (that I don’t even use anymore thanks to 3VGear). There is a ton more space, more pockets, and you can stack bags on top of each other military style. The amount you can carry in these bags are shocking. This is a great Father’s day gift! An awesome thing about these products is there is a life time warranty on everything. You just have to register your bag here and boom! Covered for life.father's day gift


This amazing giveaway includes $250 worth of goodies that will make the PERFECT Father’s Day gift! You can win:
  • Rovor Hammock
  • 3VGear Tactical Backpack (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Tek Mat of Your Choice
  • Demascus Steel Knife


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By Rachel

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