Our Friends Visit Us in Cozumel | 3 Must See Places!

May 15, 2017

We had a few friends visit us while living in Cozumel. We are pretty lucky to have the friends we do. Here is a video of some of the cool places we went to!Featured Places Include 3 Amazing Places You Must See in Cozumel

  • Money Bar
  • Buccanos
  • East Side of the Island

The East side of Cozumel is never crowded. It takes a little bit of effort to get over there, as in you have to rent a car, but it is completely worth it. The free, public beaches are usually not visited by tourists. You will find tons of tourists at the actual resorts or clubs. The beach you see in this video is free and right off the road, but not many people make it out that far.

Buccanos is by far the best snorkeling you will find in my experience. It is a resort on the West side of Cozumel, and will cost you about $10 or so to get in, but it is completely worth it. They have a pool, restaurant, rock climbing, paddle boards, jet skis, and great food. All that extra stuff is obviously not included in the $10 entry fee. If you want a place where you can pretty much do it all, this is the place to go.

Money Bar is a great snorkel spot too, but it is luck of the draw. We actually saw a GIGANTIC manta ray here, but there are other times we went and didn’t see a ton. The water, and the view here though is ALWAYS amazing.  Money Bar also has a great lounging area that they don’t charge you to sit at, but it is nice to order something from the nice men walking around serving people all day long. I suggest the nachos and a fruity beverage.


By Rachel

I am a young mom who thrives on life in the outdoors. I have lived in Utah, Idaho, and Cozumel Mexico. In my travels I have learned many things that I would like to share with others.