The Baby Harness: How Dumb I Was to Think I Didn’t Need One

May 12, 2017

baby harness

When I was younger and would see people with their child connected to a baby harness and would think, “Man that kid looks like a dog. Poor thing being put on a leash like that.” Ahh the naive brain of a younger woman with no child. I was an idiot. People are idiots. We are all idiots. 

I used to think that something like that was only for bad kids who would run away from their parents, and that I would never use one on my toddler. Oh the simple mind of a dumb, young woman who thought she knew everything.

baby harness
Here is my kid…in a baby harness.


Later, when I had a kid who turned out to have the energy of his father, I could then understand why people strap their kids to a “leash”, but I still wouldn’t do it. I didn’t want to look like I couldn’t handle my ONE kid. I am not a wuss…

My child has just hit his terrible two’s with the tantrums, screaming, smacking, throwing rocks at people, biting, teasing, and sprinting. Sprinting far away. Did I teach him any of those things? Of course not. He is just a toddler. It’s what they do.

A mom friend at Hike it Baby showed me the light and let me borrow a baby harness for the first time after seeing my child dash for the road. He is surprisingly quick.


Baby Chucho could walk around wherever he wanted to go, and I wasn’t freaking out because he would fall into the river. Which would definitely happen if I let him be THAT free without a baby harness.

He didn’t notice that I was strapped to him, and he was thinking he was as free as a bird. By nature I am a pretty anxious mom. Or anxious person more like. This baby harness is great because it really helps curb those nerves and helps me enjoy being outside, while Chucho enjoys his freedom. He is completely safe in it so I don’t have to worry even a little bit.

Kiddo Gear

This brand of harness is made specifically for hiking designed by active parents. These bad boys called Kiddo Gear have straps that securely fit around my baby’s legs and shoulders so that if he were to run off a cliff I would be able to hold all of his weight and he wouldn’t slip through.

You can clip on and off the leash portion of the harness so you don’t have to remove the entire thing whenever they get into a carseat or stroller. It is super nifty that way.

baby harness

Just today he ran down a flight of stairs during our hike which he isn’t great at yet. He fell into the weeds after tripping down one stair, but had he not been strapped in, and the other end had not been hooked to me, it would have been much worse.

Normally I would never pay for $40 for a baby harness (dreaded leash that it is), something that I hated in the past, but I am definitely going to be purchasing one of these. That’s not even a lie. I literally am going to purchase one. Right after I am done typing. My oh my how times have changed.

Why Even Buy Any Other Kind?

I would not suggest a backpack harness or any other type really. They don’t hold the weight of your kid like Kiddo Gear does. Your baby will not slip out of this thing if he/she were dangling off a cliff. Which we all know happens super often…in our minds.

Some “harnesses” aren’t really harnesses, but bracelets that you can attach to the baby’s wrist and to your own.  I feel that is a waste of time and money. Pretty soon they will be able to take that off themselves.

The Kiddo Gear baby harness is sturdy and built by active parents for active children, so you know you are getting some trial and error tested product that has been perfected.

I make no money off this “ad” for these guys, I am just a believer. Head on over to Kiddo Gear and order one!

Find another great article about this baby harness by the pro’s at Hike it Baby! 

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By Rachel

I am a young mom who thrives on life in the outdoors. I have lived in Utah, Idaho, and Cozumel Mexico. In my travels I have learned many things that I would like to share with others.